Crawfish Tails Fried/Broiled
Crab Claws Fried/Broiled
Shrimp Remoulade
Crabmeat Remoulade
Boiled Crawfish
Boiled Shrimp
Boiled Crabs
Raw Oysters on the Half Shell
House Salad
Italian Salad
Calamari Wedge Salad
Bucktown Blues Salad
Bayou Seafood Salad
All Salad Dressings are gluten free except Buttermilk
Lunch Entrées
Mate Platter; Shrimp, Oyster or Catfish Fried/Broiled
Soft Shell Broiled
Grilled Chicken (no bun)
Burger (no bun)
Dinner Entrées
Fish of the Day, Grilled or Broiled
Rib Eye
Grilled Chicken Breast (no bun)
Broiled or Fried Shrimp, Catfish or Oyster Dinners
Broiled Soft Shell Crab Dinner
BBQ Shrimp (without bread)
Ice Cream Sundae
Deanie’s Seafood seasoning blends contain
no MSG.