Deanie’s N’Awlins Dining gets hat tip from Baton Rouge fan

Deanie’s fan promotes Mile-High Platters and onion rings to The Advocate’s Smiley Anders

N’Awlins dining (Oct. 27, 20102)

Dear Smiley: Since you are now an extension to my native folks in N’Awlins per the Advocate’s new-found penetration into the Times-Pic’s market share, I hadn’t heard you mention a favorite seafood platter place: Deanie’s. Their “mile high” platters and onion rings are more than enough for me and Lady Maria.

So as the beloved late Buddy Diliberto was noted to promote on their ads: “If ya ain’t in Bucktown, baby, ya ain’t at the real Deanie’s!”


Baton Rouge (New Orleans transplant)

Dear Keith: They paying you in onion rings to promote that place?

* * *

Well, Keith, not yet…but maybe we can be convinced. Thanks for the shout out, and come back soon!

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