Family Recipes Flavor Seafood at Deanie’s

BUCKTOWN, La. (WGNO TV)–March 6, 2015–Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant in Bucktown remains one of the most popular destinations for seafood year-round, due in part to the fantastic taste of the food.

According to Chandra Chifici, this is no accident.  Chifici told ABC affiliate WGNO TV in New Orleans, “Everything needs to be seasoned well. ‘Spice’ doesn’t necessarily mean it tastes better, and that’s the way our mother has cooked and that’s the way we’ve been taught to cook. All these recipes are family recipes from our parents that we still use in here today.”

The Chifici’s have run Deanie’s for 33 years, and they still operate the market next door where you can buy fresh seafood and all the fixings for a great boil.  They also operate a location  in the French Quarter. 

Lent is a special time of the year that puts a demand on all seafood.  Chandra is a member of the Louisiana Crawfish Research and Promotional Board and while the prices for  the tasty crustaceans may be high for some, she says we’ll be just fine.

“My take on it is it’s a supply and demand issue. We’ve had cold weather, the supply is not there as much as the demand, Mardi Gras was early, so it’s just a combination of all those things.  Crawfish prices will go down, but you’ve got to get through Lent”, according to Chifici.

Family is also a big theme around here and the Chifici’s run the place that way;  sort of an invitation for your family to dine with theirs.  Says Chifici, “It’s like our family table, so everybody’s coming in to join us every day.”

Deanie’s is located 1713 Lake Avenue in Bucktown and 841 Iberville Street in the French Quarter.

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