Fun and Fresh Holiday Recipes

Good Food and Health keep you balanced this season

Sometimes, getting ready for the holidays can feel like preparing to compete in the Olympics. There’s the constant running around, shopping for gifts, stressing about bills, worrying about hosting a big family gathering, and holiday decorating…not to mention remembering to feed your family (or yourself!) on a daily basis! How can a person get through it all?!

One way to stay organizedand have a little funis to plan out a few crowd-pleasing meals. Now is the time to decide what you’ll be serving during the holidays, whether they’re side dishes to go along with your main entree on Christmas Day or Hanukkah, or a pot luck with friends on a weekend night. There are many easy and fresh new holiday recipes to be found, which will pleasantly surprise your guests and get you in the spirit of the season.


broccoli amandine holiday recipes.jpgEverybody loves a good vegetable side at their holiday table. Casseroles have been around for quite a while, but the updated version of that dish is called a gratin. This Spinach Gratin recipe sounds fancy but is easy to make ahead. Another dish with a New Orleans recipe twist is Broccoli Almondine. It has just 5 ingredients and takes less than half an hour to throw together.

Brussels sprouts are still as popular as ever, and they turn festive with the addition of a pomegranate reduction sauce in this brussels sprouts recipe from the New York Times. Mashups have been popping up lately in our news feeds, and this rosemary-infused cauliflower and potato mash would be the perfect accompaniment to roast chicken or beef tenderloin.


hubspot-gallery-charbroilled-oysters.jpgThinking about the main course can be daunting, but there are lots of fun recipes out there to “wow” your friends or guests. Whether you’re looking for New Orleans recipes or just something easy to feed a crowd, you’ll find lots of easy dishes that have made headlines in the last few years. This one-pot braised short ribs dish is the perfect meal for cold weather. If you want to serve a whole fish like Donald Link does at his restaurants, check out his tips for grilling whole fish. Oysters are in season, so you could try serving raw oysters or even a traditional charbroiled oysters recipe. And you can’t go wrong with adding bacon (and butter) to almost anything… wrapping it around pork tenderloin, steak, and even Louisiana shrimp.


The holidays are a time when people pull out all the stops, get the house ready for guests, and brave the crowds at the mall or your local gift store. Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this hectic time. It’s no fun muddling through the month with a cold (or worse). Stay fueled up and hydrated, get plenty of rest, and move your body! Eat seafood twice a week to get your recommended quantities of protein; vitamins; minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and copper; and omega 3’s. Or if you really want to relieve some stress, consider ordering your holiday meal online!


Our Holiday Take Home Menu is available again this year and includes entrees such as fried Cajun turkeys, smoked turkeys, smoked Boston Butt and beef brisket, desserts like our red velvet cheesecake made from scratch, plus traditional sides highlighting a taste of fresh local seafood available this time of year, including crab, shrimp, crawfish and oysters. You don’t have to cook a thingwe won’t tell!

Our catered holiday meals are available this year throughout the month of December for office celebrations and pre-holiday events, and you can pick up just a few sides or your entire dinner for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day celebrations.

  • Place your Christmas order by noon, Fri., Dec. 22. Orders must be picked up by Sun., Dec. 24 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. (Christmas Eve). The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Christmas Eve. 

Call Deanie’s Seafood Market at 504-835-4638 to place your order!

One of our favorite dishes on the Deanie’s Holiday Take Home Menu is our Shrimp & Crab Stuffed Mirlitons. Mirliton, pronounced Mella-ton, originated in Central America and are also referred to as vegetable pears and chayote squash. Our take on the classic dish is always a crowd pleaser.  You can order it from us today, or make it yourself using our holiday recipe!   

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