Guide to Summer Seafood in Season


We don’t mind the heat and humidity of summer in New Orleans, because it’s one of our favorite seafood seasons of the year! Living near Gulf waters means that we’re able to indulge in the best-tasting shrimp, blue crabs, and fish available. Crab and shrimp season are in full swing, and eating local seafood in season means you’ll enjoy it at the peak of freshness.


louisiana shrimp gulf shrimp deanies seafood best seafood in new orleans-730631-editedDeanie’s is known for serving fresh Wild Louisiana seafood and is continually recognized as one of the “Best Seafood Restaurants in New Orleans.”  Blue crabs, softshell crabs, and Gulf shrimp are served in a variety of ways on our menu in dishes like Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp Remoulade, New Orleans Barbeque Shrimp, Stuffed Shrimp, and our Fried Seafood Platter. We’re also offering new items like Barbeque Shrimp Tacos and Jambalaya at our third restaurant location, Deanie’s Sea Food Kitchen, which recently opened its doors in the Garden District.

Seafood is not only plentiful in Louisiana this time of year… but it’s good for you, too! Seafood is high in protein, nutrients, and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is also a major source of vitamin D for strong bones, vitamin A for eyes and skin, and vitamins C and E for a healthy immune system. Many types of seafood including shrimp and bivalves (oysters, mussels, clams) are high in selenium, vitamin B12, phosphorous, choline, copper, and iodine.

The seafood industry in Louisiana is a vital part of our local economy, and Deanie’s Seafood is committed to supporting that culture. Deanie’s Seafood Restaurants and Seafood Market have been serving fresh Louisiana seafood for more than 50 years. Deanie’s was the first restaurant and seafood market in the Greater New Orleans region to earn the Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification, which guarantees that we serve only seafood that is natural, sustainable, and sourced from Louisiana waters. Check out our official guide to Louisiana seafood in season!


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