Holiday Recipes Bring Tradition and Create Memories

Avoid Cooking Disasters by ordering catered holiday meals

We’ve all been there. The build up to the huge family gathering at a table teeming with delicious holiday recipes—a masterfully carved turkey, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetable casseroles, freshly baked rolls, two pies for dessert—where wine and conversation flow jovially. But sometimes, instead, the reality is a holiday disaster.

The too-dry turkey that halts all conversation as your guests’ tongues are stuck to the roofs of their mouths, the runny gravy, the bland dressing, the lumpy mashed potatoes.

Or that time the embers of the fireplace started a fire in the basement and your family time was spent huddled in coats drinking wine on the front lawn wcasseroles_holiday_take_home_menu_Sweet_Potato_Casserole_Deanies_Seafood_Restaurant.jpghile the firemen went in to put it out…(or was that just us?) Nothing brings family together like the retelling of the holiday cooking disasters!

There’s always the dish that is forgotten year after year, whether it’s the cranberry sauce sitting in the pantry or the rolls still in the freezer. Sometimes the best intentions for a new recipe fail miserably. And don’t even try to mess with that one beloved dish that your family counts on every year, because you’ll be hearing about it every holiday for the rest of your life. Even Martha Stewart has shared holiday cooking horror stories!

Why not start a new tradition? Our Holiday Take Home Menu is available again this year and includes entrees such as fried Cajun turkeys, smoked turkeys, smoked Boston Butt and beef brisket, desserts like our red velvet cheesecake made from scratch, plus traditional sides highlighting a taste of fresh local seafood available this time of year, including crab, shrimp, crawfish and oysters. Bring catered holiday meals to the table and spend time with your family instead of stressing out in the kitchen for days. You don’t have to cook a thing… your secret’s safe with us!


Our catered holiday meals are available this year throughout the month of December for office celebrations and pre-holiday events, and you can pick up just a few sides or your entire dinner for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day celebrations.

  • Place your Christmas order by noon, Friday, December. 22. Orders must be picked up by Sun., Dec. 24 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. (Christmas Eve). The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Christmas Eve. 

Call Deanie’s Seafood Market at 504-835-4638 to place your order!

Make sure to have your Holiday Cooking hotline numbers handy this season! They’ll help you make sure your turkey or main dish is cooked to perfection, whether you need advice on defrosting poultry, cooking temps, recipes for side items, or even tips on how to get a wine stain out. Share your holiday cooking disasters in the comments below.

One of our favorite dishes on the Deanie’s Holiday Take Home Menu is our Shrimp & Crab Stuffed Mirlitons. Mirliton, pronounced Mella-ton, originated in Central America and are also referred to as vegetable pears and chayote squash. Our take on the classic dish is always a crowd pleaser.  You can order it from us today, or make it yourself using our holiday recipe below!   

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