Serving Authentic Wild Louisiana Seafood

Why we serve Certified Authentic Wild Louisiana Seafood

Louisiana is known for our delicious seafood, but where does it all come from? One way to be sure of the quality of your seafood dish is to check to see if the product you are buying or menu you’ve selected it from has the Authentic Louisiana Certified Wild Seafood Logo. Restaurants, grocers and seafood markets displaying this logo are guaranteed to have the best quality wild seafood Louisiana straight from the Gulf Coast. The Louisiana Certified Seafood program is a direct result of recommendations from the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force, which sought to establish rules and guidelines throughout the seafood supply chain. Products that are certified as “Louisiana Certified Seafood” are harvested, landed and processed in Louisiana. It’s also a program to brand Louisiana’s No. 1 commodity, much like the “Idaho Potato.”

The program was launched to:

  • develop a nationally recognized brand that distinguishes Louisiana seafood from seafood of another origin
  • certify and increase consumer confidence that branded seafood is from the Gulf of Mexico, landed, processed and packaged in Louisiana
  • promote and market all participants and seafood labeled with the logo.

crawfish quartet deanies seafood best seafood in new orleansLouisiana is one of the only states in America with its own Wild Seafood seal. The program was launched by the state Department of Wildlife & Fisheries as an extension of its sustainability, licensing and quality control programs. All commercial fishermen in Louisiana are automatically enrolled in the program, while docks, processors, restaurants and retailers must complete an application demonstrating their compliance. Deanie’s Seafood Restaurants were the first in New Orleans and the second and third in the state to become Louisiana Seafood certified in 2014.

The Wild Louisiana Seafood Seal ensures consumers that any seafood served has a flavor and quality like no other, a truly unique Louisiana experience. The region’s abundant seafood seafood comes from our unique mix of waterways. Two major rivers, the Mississippi and the Atchafalaya, combine with the Gulf of Mexico to form nutrient-rich estuaries creating an ideal environment for many seafood species to thrive.

Imported versus Domestic Seafood

Shrimp is the most consumed seafood in the United States, 90 percent of which is imported from other countries. The average American eats around 4 pounds of shrimp per year. Imported shrimp is available at a lower price than domestic shrimp due to its lower overall quality.
Imported shrimp can contain antibiotics or other banned chemicals when it enters the United States. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USDA) refused 5.6 percent of shrimp imports in August due to banned antibiotics and salmonella.

Being Authentic Louisiana Certified not only shows support for the local seafood industry, but also guarantees domestic shrimp’s sustainability and a higher quality seafood product. Keep an eye out for the Wild Seafood logo to be sure that all of your seafood is domestic and high quality. You can order fresh Louisiana shrimp shipped directly to your home from Deanie’s at our online seafood market,

Deanie’s Supporting Local Fishermen

The “Certified Authentic Louisiana Wild Seafood” is a voluntary certification program that guarantees that seafood bearing this seal is caught in the Gulf of Mexico or Gulf Coast state waters by Louisiana-licensed fishermen and is landed, processed and packaged in Louisiana. For more than 55 years, Deanie’s has been serving up great-tasting, wild-caught Louisiana seafood in just about every possible way you can enjoy it.

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