Southern cuisine queen Paula Deen: Deanie’s BBQ Shrimp ‘make your tongue want to slap your brains out!’

NEW ORLEANS–A frequent Deanie’s Seafood patron, the Food Network’s Paula Deen raved about Deanie’s BBQ Shrimp during a cooking segment on New Orleans CBS affiliate WWL-TV while promoting her new cookbook. During the segment, in which Deen was preparing a healthy version of Sausage Gumbo, she discussed New Orleans culinary delights with a special emphasis on Deanie’s Seafood’s BBQ Shrimp recipe:

“There’s no place in the world like N’Awlin’s, y’all. No place! I’m telling you what, I went to Deanie’s last night and had those BBQ Shrimp…Make your tongue want to slap your brains out, honey. Deanie put that bib around my neck, and I’m telling you, I was in it to win it last night!”

This isn’t the first time Deen (can we call you “Paula Deanie’s”?) has had raves for Deanie’s Seafood.In an interview conducted with New Orleans Living magazine this spring, she had good things to say about Deanie’s’ signature seasoned boiled potatoes served as lagniappe to patrons at Deanie’s Seafood’s two locations in New Orleans, the original restaurant and seafood market in Bucktown and Deanie’s in the French Quarter, located just a block off of Canal Street and a block off Bourbon Street.

“Louisiana cookin’ is just phenomenal! And New Orleans has so much character, I just love it,” Deen told New Orleans Living. “I love that place Deanie’s, where you just sit down at the table and they bring you boiled red potatoes and butter; you know that makes this fat girl very, very happy! What a way to start a meal; it’s like you died and went to heaven!”

Deen was in town sharing Diabetes-Friendly cooking tips during free cooking demonstrations for the National Medical Association Convention at the Morial Convention Center. Deen is host of the Food Network’s “Paula’s Best Dishes Show,” and she is on the road promoting new recipes and hosting free “Diabetes in a New Light” cooking demonstrations.

You come on back, darlin’, anytime! Ya hear?



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