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Perfect for your backyard Memorial Day or Fourth of July celebrations and most any time of year, this summer shrimp recipe is easy to prepare and sure to please your friends and family. Today, we’re sharing our method for Bacon Wrapped Shrimp.  We’ve known for a long time that bacon makes everything better, and shrimp is the perfect pairing. Cooking bacon wrapped shrimp is just another great excuse to use your grill this summer! 


SUMMER SHRIMP RECIPE: bacon wrapped shrimp

Depending on the size of the shrimp, you will need 5-10 Gulf shrimp per person and about ½ a slice of bacon per shrimp (so if you’ve got 20 shrimp, that’s 10 slices of bacon).

  • Heat grill to a medium heat

  • Wrap shrimp in bacon, securing with toothpicks

  • Oil the grate and arrange shrimp on the grill cooking for 3-4 mins., turning once until the bacon is fully cooked.

These crowd-pleasers can also be baked or broiled  in the oven, too, and are great as an hors d’ouvre or as a meal served with coleslaw, potato salad or roasted veggies.  Shrimp are high in protein and vitaminsso the health benefits of shrimp will surely outweigh the fat in the bacon.  If Gulf shrimp aren’t available in your area, you can order them online from Deanie’s Seafood, to be shipped directly to your door.

Now in its 55th year of operations, Deanie’s in Bucktown was one of the first places in New Orleans to make boiled seafood available for retail sale. You can also view our menus online and find information on Deanie’s Seafood Market and online seafood market.


Share your favorite summer shrimp recipes in the comments and check back for MORE easy Summer Shrimp Recipes every day for the rest of the week! And if you missed them before, check out our Shrimp Kebabs recipe, and Shrimp Remoulade recipe.

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