Treat your Valentine to Louisiana Seafood and Wine

Wine with seafood makes for perfect pairing  

What’s our idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day? Enjoying a glass of wine or an ice cold beer with Louisiana Seafood! As if gulf oysters, crawfish, and crabmeat weren’t delicious enough, the right pairing can truly enhance your dining experience… and your dinner date. Whether you’re planning to cook at home or going out for a meal, set the mood with the right pairings. We’ve got a few tips for selecting beer or wine with seafood.

american craft beer week abita brewing nola brewing deanies seafood best seafood in new orleans.jpgCRABMEAT OR SHRIMP REMOULADE 

The signature dish, usually made with either shrimp or crabmeat, is served with a rich and tangy remoulade sauce. This type of dish invites a refreshing white wine. Try a Chardonnay or Viognier for this pairing. The bold flavors of these white wines will bring out the sweetness of the crab (or shrimp) and not compete with the kick of the remoulade. A clean, hoppy beer like an IPA would work well too.


Right now is the best time to enjoy Gulf oysters! Their sweetness and pleasantly chewy texture pairs well with a sparkling wine, Chablis, or Sauvignon Blanc, whose zippy lime accents highlight the briny taste of the oysters. You can’t go wrong with a crisp lager as well, as its subtle and light flavor will be enjoyable alongside the cocktail sauce you dollop on your oysters.


The spice of the crawfish and its traditional accompaniments like sausage, potatoes, garlic and onion are typically hard to pair with a wine. We love a cold wheat beer with citrus notes which won’t overpower the crawfish, and the lightness of the brew will balance nicely. If you prefer wine, try a slightly chilled lighter red like Beaujolais. The low level of tannins of that particular grape won’t irritate your already burning tongue.


fried shimp poboy deanies seafood best seafood in new orleans.jpgWhether you’re choosing shrimp, oyster, catfish, crawfish, or soft-shell crab in your poboy, a beer is your best choice to pair with the meal! A dark ale or amber gives just the right amount of bite to complement a seafood poboy. The slight bitterness of the beer is a good match for the fried seafood and crunchy French bread.


A popular item among visitors to New Orleans is the classic dish Shrimp Etouffee, and any local can probably either make it or tell you where to find it. A medium-bodied red wine can help cut through the richness and acidity of this dish, which is prepared with creole seasonings, tomatoes, shrimp, and rice. Select a Shiraz, Chianti, or a Merlot for this meal.

There are so many more amazing seafood and wine or beer pairings out there which can take your Valentine’s Day experience to the next level! Our wine, beer, and cocktail menu offers many different options to choose from when pairing with your meal, and we’re open regular hours at both locations for Valentine’s Day. To have our seafood delivered to your door, you can order from our online seafood market!


Known for its huge portions of fried, boiled and broiled Louisiana seafood, Deanie’s is a powerhouse in fresh-from-the-Gulf seafood offerings, and all the restaurants’ dishes are made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. The family-owned and -operated restaurants have been voted consistently by locals in categories like Best New Orleans Seafood Restaurant in publications including Where Y’at Magazine, Gambit, The Times Picayune and New Orleans Magazine.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Bon Appetit!

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