Your Guide to What’s in Season!

Enjoying Louisiana Seafood at its peak 

No matter what time of year, Louisiana Seafood is always in season! From the health benefits of seafood, to the easy accessibility of seafood recipes, to its versality in dishes, you can always find a reason to eat more seafood. Eating local means you’ll enjoy seafood at the peak of freshness. So why is it better to eat what’s in season?

Eating seafood in season means you’re supporting the sustainable seafood industry. Louisiana is the largest commercial fishery in the contiguous United States. The Gulf Coast produces 70% of the nation’s oysters, and 69% of domestic shrimp. The domestic seafood industry uses responsible practices and is held to stricter ethical standards than foreign seafood, and the shipping distance is much less. Avoid imported seafood to leave a smaller footprint and enjoy a better product.


shrimp2.jpgWhether you live on the coast, or you’re landlocked, you can almost always find seafood available at your local grocery store. Fish and shellfish can stand alone as an entrée, or be used as an ingredient in soups, salads, pasta dishes, rice dishes, or vegetable sides. Whether you’d prefer to boil or broil, barbeque or fry, you can do it with whatever seafood is in season!


Deanie’s Seafood Restaurants and Seafood Market are supporters of the local fishing communities and the Gulf economy and have been serving fresh Louisiana seafood for more than 50 years. Deanie’s Seafood Restaurants serve certified “Authentic Louisiana Wild” seafood daily at both of their locations, in Bucktown and the French Quarter. We’ve got your official guide to seafood in season, with facts about locally sourced Louisiana seafood plus recipe ideas to share with friends and family!

Deanie’s is recognized as one of the “Best Seafood Restaurants in New Orleans.” In 2016, we served 12,000 dozen raw oysters, 85,000 cups of Seafood Gumbo, 115,000 soft shell crabs and 31,000 pounds of boiled crawfish. If you lined up all that crawfish and soft-shell crab end to end, you could circle the Mercedes-Benz Superdome over 130 times. That’s a heck of a lot of Louisiana Seafood!

crab balls deanies seafood best seafood restaurant in new orleans.jpgYou can order seafood, including oysters and shrimp, shipped anywhere in the continental United States from Deanie’s Seafood Market at We also offer a variety of variety of prepared items, like Seafood Gumbo, Stuffed Crab, and Stuffed Shrimp.

Deanie’s operates a thriving seafood market and catering business as well as two successful restaurants in the New Orleans area, the original location at 1713 Lake Ave. in the quaint fishing village of Bucktown (Metairie) and a second location in the heart of the historic French Quarter, located at 841 Iberville St. Our restaurants and seafood market are open seven days per week, you can view both restaurant menus online.

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