Enjoy the Health Benefits of Oysters during National Seafood Month

Gulf Oysters account for 70% of domestic oyster harvest

There’s never been a better time for Louisiana seafood lovers!  Not only did National Seafood Month kick off Oct. 1, but it’s prime season for enjoying the best-tasting oysters available. Not only are Gulf oysters absolutely delicious, but the health benefits of oysters are plentiful.  

USDA Dietary Guidelines encourage Americans to eat more seafood to support health and nutrition. Add oysters to your regular diet, and you’ll benefit from their nutritional value.  

raw_oysters_louisiana_seafood_gulf_seafood_best_seafood_restaurant_in_new_orleans.jpgLuckily, we are located in the heart of oyster country. Of over 150 varieties of the high-protein mollusks harvested and sold in North America, 70% of oysters caught in the United States are from the Gulf Coast.


Oysters are packed with high-quality protein. A 6-ounce portion of raw oysters contains 16 grams of protein. 

Other benefits include:

  • Oysters are loaded with essential minerals like zinc, iron, and selenium
  • Oysters contain beneficial vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B-12
  • Although oysters contain phosphorus and iodine, which may increase human stamina, and zinc, which aids in the production of testosterone, there is no scientific proof that oysters are an aphrodisiac. However, “Foods that stimulate the senses (sight, smell, taste, and touch) in a pleasurable way were thought to stimulate passion,” according to WebMD.


  • Louisiana oysters are in season year-round, but they are largest between October-April
  • The oyster’s flavor comes from its merroir—those attributes which come from the waters where the oyster matured (similar to how “terroir” affects the flavor of wine because of where and under what conditions a grape grows)
  • Oysters form beds or reefs that provide important habitat for fish and other creatures
  • A pearl is formed when a grain of sand (or other foreign substance) finds its way inside an oyster, and the oyster will coat it with many layers called nacre 

Oysters are fantastic served raw, fried, charbroiled, stewed, and baked or cooked in a variety of dishes. Oyster Dressing is a popular regional menu item during the holiday season in Louisiana, not to mention Bacon Wrapped Oysters, or Seafood Gumbo with oysters.  Deanie’s Seafood features raw oysters, charbroiled oysters, and recently added New Orleans BBQ Oysters at both New Orleans restaurant locations!

Enjoying oysters at home is easier than you think. Impress your family with the classic dish Oysters Rockefeller, or soak in the amazing weather while you’re preparing Grilled Oysters.  

Learn how to shuck oysters and serve them raw to your friends with lemon, horseradish, and cocktail sauce. Come visit our Seafood Market and pick up some fresh oysters to prepare at home, or visit www.shopdeanies.com to order Louisiana oysters, shipped anywhere in the United States.

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