How to Plan a Stress Free Holiday Office Party

Most of work for successful party is in pre-planning

Being in charge of planning the holiday event for your office or place of business can be a daunting task. From picking the location, to the food, to the entertainment, it’s a lot to handle. Getting organized in the beginning of the planning process will help you pull off a stress free holiday office party, not to mention increase morale among co-workers. Improving office camaraderie helps boost team performance as well as employee retention rates, so it’s important to ensure that your guests have a positive (and fun!) experience. You can get started using these tips!


Although it seems like a minor detail, making this decision will help you in your planning, from the size venue needed to your food and alcohol budget.  Most offsite work related holiday functions allow employees to bring a guest, depending on the type of event.  Planning_a_stress_free_holiday_private_party_new_orleans.jpgLetting your party attendees have a plus 1 will help keep the vibe lively, and guests more likely to enjoy themselves.  Plus, it gives them a chance to meet and get to know other co-workers’ significant others in a fun and relaxed setting.


There are a variety of special party venues in New Orleans that will accommodate your type of event, depending on the size and style.  If you’re looking for a unique locale rather than the standard hotel conference room, you can try Rosie’s Jazz Hall, the Degas House, Marigny Firehouse, the Audubon Tea Room, or the Elms Mansion on St. Charles Avenue.  Deanie’s Seafood offers intimate courtyard dining, and fantastic menu selections as well.



It can be stressful to worry about your co-workers many different food preferences, not to mention allergies.  From vegetarian to gluten free, consider a variety of options.  Leaving the cooking to the professionals takes that pressure off your plate, and will allow you to work with the venue or caterer to tailor a menu that all guests can enjoy.  Deanie’s Seafood features private dining options with customized menus for cocktail receptions, buffet dining and seated dinners, and also offers catering for events off-site.

Assigning tasks to coworkers

As an organizer, planning a party for your colleagues can be tedious. Once the venue and food menu has been settled, assign committee heads for decorations, program, prizes,  contingency plans and the like.  Encourage involvement from both junior-level and senior staff to gain the perspective of employees with different points of view and as a means to break down silos in your company.

more tips for party planning

There are many other things to consider when planning your holiday office party in New Orleans, including parking, activities to encourage team building, and deciding what part of town to host your event. Venues and party spaces can be found all throughout the city, from Uptown to Metairie.   As a local, you probably aren’t frequenting the French Quarter on a regular basis, but it’s a super fun, festive, and convenient location for your co-workers to celebrate the holidays together. 

Click HERE to download our guide for planning a holiday office party in the French Quarter, and get started with your party preparations today!



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