What is Oyster Season

If oysters are available year-round, then what makes oyster season special?

The Oyster Season does not work in the way that most would expect of a seasonal delicacy. Oyster are available to be harvested and eaten during any month out of the year. However, it is commonly known that the best time to eat oysters is during the colder months as opposed to during the summer.

What makes the months of September through April Oyster Season?

There is no reason not to enjoy a batch of oysters during a hot summer day; however, they might be thinner than a regular batch of oysters during Oyster Season. Oysters spend much of the summer months reproducing so those harvested are thin. As the waters grow colder, the oysters end their spawning period and grow to their largest size. This begins what many refer to as the Oyster Season as the oysters caught during these months are more plump and at the peak of freshness.

Louisiana oysters_raw oysters_Deanies Seafood_best seafood in New OrleansHealth Benefits

Most seafood can contribute to a healthy diet, and oysters are no exception. Oysters contain high-quality proteins and vitamins as well as essential minerals like zinc, iron, and selenium. These minerals and others help to bolster immune systems and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The enzymes activated by oysters can also help fight cardiovascular disease and help with nerve function. 

Eaten raw, the taste of these minerals and proteins can be felt more directly in a uniquely invigorating experience. The zinc, calcium, copper, and other elements of the raw oysters help to create the bracing and salty essence of the sea in a physical and edible form. 

Eating Oysters

Oysters have a unique flavor that can be showcased in many different recipes whether raw, fried, charbroiled, or otherwise. Seafood Gumbo with Oysters is a simple dish that makes cooking oysters at home look both accessible and delicious. For the more adventurous home cooks, these oyster recipes exchange simplicity for style without sacrificing any of the flavor! 

Deanie’s Seafood serves oysters raw, charbroiled, and fried year round for those looking to dine out and taste some authentic Louisiana Seafood. Deanie’s Seafood Market will even ship a sack of raw oysters right to your home from their website, Shopdeanies.com. If you are looking for a dish with more style to it, Charbroiled and New Orleans Barbecue Oysters are on the menu at our French Quarter location. Deanie’s newest location in Uptown New Orleans also has a fully staffed Oyster Bar preparing raw and charbroiled oysters to order.

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