Cooking with Louisiana Blue Crab

Louisiana vs Maryland crab recipes

It’s the peak of crab season, which means the crabs are plentiful and delicious! The difference between crabs found in Louisiana vs. crabs found in Maryland? Not a whole lot in terms of the species, although Easterners might argue that the crabs caught off the coast taste better than the ones from Gulf waters… and Southerners might feel the opposite.

Gulf coast male crabs are 16% heavier than Atlantic Coast crabs, and Gulf Coast female crabs are 20% heavier. Sometimes in the off season in Maryland, a mixture of crabs are served in restaurants, from Maryland but also Louisiana and the Carolinas, and most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. 

Cooking with Louisiana Blue Crab at Home

Cooking with crab is easier than you think! Folks in Louisiana tend to boil their crabs (and other seafood) with local seasonings, while Marylanders like to steam their crabs and top with plenty of Old Bay seasoning. A Louisiana style Crab Étoufée with crawfish and shrimp sounds daunting but is made with precooked lump crabmeat, which can be purchased at most grocery stores or seafood markets, or online at If you’re looking to try a traditional Crab Boil, you’ll enjoy the flavors of sweet crab, corn, garlic, and potatoes in this easy recipe. For a different take on crabs, you can steam them in the traditional Maryland way.

crab cakes recipe deanies seafoodIf you haven’t made crab cakes at home before, you really should try this recipe for Maryland style crabcakes. The flavors of the crab, butter, lemon, and breadcrumbs can be complemented with a store bought or home made remoulade sauce—and you’ll be giving it a delicious Louisiana twist!

Not only is crabmeat super tasty and easy to prepare, it’s also good for you! Crabmeat contains plenty of vitamins, high quality proteins and amino acids, and minerals such as calcium, copper and zinc, and it’s low in carbohydrates and saturated fat. 

Whether you buy live crabs and boil or steam them yourself or buy cooked crabmeat, the delicate and sweet flavor shines in dishes like crab cakes or a simple salad made with avocado stuffed with simply dressed crabmeat.

Find Louisiana Crab at Deanie’s Seafood

gulf fish topped with crabmeat deanies best seafoodDon’t feel like cooking? Louisiana blue crabs are served in a variety of ways at Deanie’s Seafood in dishes like Crabmeat Nachos, Crabmeat Remoulade, Crabmeat Au Gratin, Crab Quartet, Soft Shell Crab or fresh lump crabmeat as a topping to any of our entrees.

Get a taste of Louisiana Blue Crab by visiting our restaurants (locations in the French Quarter, Bucktown, and Uptown) or Seafood Market in Bucktown, or having it shipped directly to your home from our online seafood market! And click the link below to download our recipe for Blackened Gulf Fish with Sautéed Crabmeat.


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